Rehab Colonial

Colonial Rehab 4

This historic colonial home in New Castle, New Hampshire, is located on the water’s edge and sits between wetland and shoreland. The project involved rebuilding the structure of the existing antique home, adding a deck, putting on a small addition to the home, and making sure the new and original parts blended seamlessly. The site of the project presented its own challenges, with a steep grade between the base of the house and the shore. Because of the historic home’s proximity to the water, adding on both the extra living space and the deck required multiple state and local approvals. It was important to maintain the look of the traditional colonial style, which included designing simple gable roofs and classic exterior finishes. We selected Marvin windows to make the most of the stunning water views from their living spaces.

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Jun 22, 2021

New Englander Renovation Gets its Landscaping Plan

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