November 21, 2020

To wrap up 2020 (yes, I know we are all anxious to do so) we will be featuring our favorite projects of 2020 just to keep you inspired as we put this year to bed.


It’s important to keep in mind that projects take a LONG time and then to photograph them even longer. How long? Well, the timeline usually goes like this:

  • Initial contact to ADH to schedule an initial meeting – 7-14 days
  • Second meeting to review the Memorandum of Agreement or proposal – 7 days
  • Start the DISCOVERY PHASE: measure the existing structure and put into CAD then design proposed addition/renovation or design new construction home – 4- 6 weeks
  • Design through the SCHEMATIC PHASE process takes us from big picture scope to fine-tuning the details and all MATERIAL SELECTIONS – 3-6 months
  • Creating the CONSTRUCTION DRAWINGS and printed spec books for job site use – 2-4 weeks
  • Construction including all materials installed – 6-12 months
  • Landscaping – 2-3 seasons
  • Schedule photography – 2 months

Can you add that all up? Well, it’s definitely a difficult task and there is no typical. Things happen to derail a timeline from weather, finances, priorities so that sometimes it will take years and years and other times it will take as short as 18 months. Each one of the projects that we feature will have a different scope and timeline, but I want you to appreciate the process and the journey that we have taken together as a team.