April 25, 2020

Are you looking for some home improvements projects that you can do while you are in quarantine with Coronavirus?

There is no doubt that this is a crazy and difficult time for everyone and staying focused is difficult. But along with eating right, exercising outside, breathing deep and focusing on the positive, being productive is another attribute toward staying mentally healthy during this time. It’s my belief that we all needed this time to calm down, be home and get our “house” in order.


Here are a few projects that I have been taking on and a few that I have on my To-Do List:

  • Make Your Bed Every Day – this is a great way to start the day (see my video on Instagram if you need some help or humor)
  • Clean Out Your Basement – start with one “category” (ie. Paint cans) then move on to another “category” (ie. Technology) and clean out memorabilia last. My video on Instagram might entertain you a bit).
  • Style Your Shelves – Remember the 5 Elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal & Water and have a representative of each one on your shelves. Remember to create positive & negative space and repeat a shape if you can. Click here!
  • Organize Your Pantry – Most of us have too much stuff. Only have what you need in your pantry and organize it with labeled bins so that you (and other people in your home) can easily find what they are looking for and know that you expect them to put them back in the right place. Link to my video on this here!
  • Plant a Garden – I’ve started my garden with seedlings and now I’m positioning my raised beds where the deer won’t have a feast. It is truly inspiring to watch my little plants grow providing hope and motivation!
  • Pull Out Your Outdoor Furniture and Clean It Off – Summer IS coming! And now is a great time to pull everything out and get ready for some fun in the sun!
  • PAINT!!! – Paint interior walls (eggshell finish) and trim (semi-gloss). Watch our Instagram page for color recommendations. Outdoor painting can begin now as well. Even places like the stair risers or doors make a huge difference. Most paint store are taking orders ahead and you can go by to pick it up curbside.
  • CHANGE YOUR CABINET HARDWARE: Amazon and other vendors sell excellent hardware and it’s a quick way to dress up your cabinetry.
  • ORGANIZE YOUR PHOTOS: Shutterfly and other online vendors allow you to order hard copies of your photos for framing and scrapbooking. There is nothing like a framed photo in your home to bring back happy memories.


Lastly, I’m also making my Christmas Cards. You read that right. Why not? I might also go ahead and make Christmas presents. I’m planning on being very social during the holidays giving plenty of hugs to my friends and family so I might as well make Christmas presents now.


As you can tell, I’m NOT bored. We are still really busy with work and on the weekends I tackle the home projects. It feels good to be productive but also remember to balance productivity with rest, quiet and calm.

A few more fun ideas…