December 18, 2018

Do you want to build your own bar for New Years 2020? Why not? Here are some essentials to building a bar that will have all your friends, neighbors and family saying “Cheers”…


Ideally, it is really nice to have your bar in a separate space than your kitchen. This will allow you to continue preparing and serving food while people get their own drinks. While on the topic, I recommend layout out your appliances in a triangle so that people are not walking through that triangle while entertaining.


It’s always fun to introduce a new finish on the bar to mark it as a different space. In the York Ocean Cottage, we wanted to do a wood a rich, dark cherry finish, with the same overlay door style and crown molding detail as seen in the kitchen.


My York Ocean Cottage clients are wine enthusiast and dreamed of having the sub-zero wine column in their home. It took some navigating and editing to the plans in order to get it to fit, but it was well worth the effort. It becomes a piece of art with a centralized focus in the home. The other appliances in this featured bar, are the sub-zero beverage fridge and ice maker. Visit the Clarke Showroom at 7 Tide to check out amazing options of Wolf | Sub-Zero.


The bar sink is an added detail that not every home can accommodate, but, essential to keeping people out of your kitchen! This special sink is copper-rimmed with mother of pearl tile interior. The faucet was chosen to match the kitchen sink fixtures, but in a smaller scale. Visit the renovated Ferguson Showroom in Portsmouth, NH or in your area for an excellent resource of plumbing fixtures.


This bar features a corner cabinet that lowers down just behind the sink. Filled with alcohol bottles, this allows for easy access to the spirits by the press of a button. It becomes a “show” during the party.  After some editing to the corner cabinet, we were able to get a roll-out trash under the sink – also an essential component to the independent bar.


Designing bars is something that I’ve been doing more of lately. It doesn’t seem to matter the size of the home, more the desire to create a space that is functional, fun and custom enough to be really interesting.

I would love to work with you creating a custom bar of your own, to appeal to your taste and make something spectacular as a new addition to your home! Get in touch, and we can get the project started! Cheers to 2020!