October 09, 2018

Have you ever wondered how to create beams that add dimension and interest?

Oddly enough, this was a bit more challenging than I originally thought. There are a few key components to pulling together the completed project.


  1. Determine the HEIGHT. Even though I had drawn these beams in the Dining Room and Kitchen in perspective and elevation, it wasn’t until we were in the space that we were able to get the height perfect. We had flexibility in this dining space because the beams are not structural. In the Living Room, however, the beams are technically structural collar ties (cross beams that connect the roof rafters) so they had to be 1/3 down from the ridge.


  1. Determine the DESIGN. While the goal was to create a cottage feel, I also wanted the design to be clean. Therefore, there are “Ribs” that travel up the cathedral ceiling lines. We also decided to do an exposed ridge beam that runs perpendicular to the beams. While the beams are simple square, the edge is routed out to create a small reveal.


  1. Determine the MATERIAL to be used. These beams are actually 2×12’s that are wrapped with 3/4″ solid oak. The flooring is also solid oak and we determined that it would be finished in Rubio Monocoat “Pure”, so we matched the beam finish to the floor.


  1. Create LIGHTING DETAILS. For both function and to show off all the hard work that was done to create these beams, lighting was added. Both up-light to create a ambiance and track lighting to functionally provide light to the back part of the kitchen.


These beams are a detail that repeats in the Dining, Kitchen, Living, Bedroom and Sunroom tying the house theme together. Adding texture and materials is a great way to add interest when looking up!