Modern & Comfortable- The Logan Sofa

Gus_Logan Sofa_722x381

Why must so many modern furniture pieces be so uncomfortable? They even look uncomfortable at times! Well, the Gus* Modern Logan Sofa does not follow suit- this is a comfortable couch! We hear it time and time again from those who try it out in our shop.

With stainless steel legs and a dark charcoal fabric, the Logan Sofa could easily fit in with other colors in your home. Cushions are “compartmentalized” so they don’t loose their shape over time. They will stay square and “crisp!” Additionally, your choice of the Logan Sofa is an environmentally friendly one. The back cushions of the couch are filled with an eco-friendly synthetic down, derived from recycled PET plastic.

The Logan Sofa is available as a standard Sofa or a Bi-Sectional. Stop in the Amy Dutton Home Shop today to order yours! With Gus* Modern’s fantastic customer service and quick turnaround time, you could be lounging on your Logan Sofa in no time!

Wedding Registry is Around the Corner

Wedding Registry

With the summer weddings coming to a close and our return from the NY Gift Show, we thought it was time to take a look at providing our customers with the option of a Gift Registry.

I recently had an opportunity to help my client with her daughter’s wedding. The venue was her sister’s house on the ocean by Seapoint Beach in Kittery Point, Maine. It was exquisite! I learned that it was actually quite a challenge to create a straight aisle on the diagonal and that flowers will quickly die at 95 degrees in the humidity and sun. A lot of planning goes into one day!

It is indeed a special day, a day when two people will begin their lives together and plan for a future together. I am struck with the different approach that modern couples have toward weddings – it is no longer your mother’s wedding. Different is the goal! 

It is in this spirit that we introduce to our couples a registry for unique and special products for the home as well as design services. The wedding couple will have the opportunity to carefully select (with a designer’s advice and direction) products and designs that are different than what they will register for at Target or Macy’s.

After the wedding is over and you look forward to a lifetime of happiness and joy, we would love to be part of the planning and design of your new home.

Ranch Renovation

Ranch Renovation

This Ranch renovation is ALMOST complete!

I started working on this Madbury, NH house last October. The scope of the project was to renovate this 1950’s ranch into an updated, efficient home improving curb appeal and interior function.

Overall, we removed the entire roof and replaced it with a truss system that allows for cathedral ceilings and an open interior floor plan. We added a section off the side that houses the master bath and closet as well as a small addition off the back to accommodate a mudroom, powder room and breakfast area with access to the backyard.

The homeowners are antique dealers so the entire basement can be used for storage and refurbishing furniture. There is also an opportunity to have another bedroom and in-law apartment in the basement.

The overall square footage is right around 3000sf with 3 bedrooms (including master suite), 2.5 bath, living, dining, kitchen with pantry, sunroom, mudroom, front porch, full basement and 2-car garage.

My clients have been wonderful throughout this project! Unfortunately, we had a very difficult winter and they were not able to start construction until March. In that time, they put on a wedding for their daughter, ran a business, sold their home and lived in temporary housing – all with great perspective and patience. I hope that they love their home and that it meets all their expectations and more!

A Different Kind of Home

red sox

The Red Sox have a different kind of “home”. Obviously their “home” has been Fenway Stadium since 1912 and the history is rich and pride runs deep.

What I am always struck with is the cross-over of socioeconomics and the diversity of age in the crowd, all enjoying the American tradition of watching a baseball game.

Fenway is located in the heart of many colleges and becomes part of student life. And while Wrigley Field is also located in a residential neighborhood in Chicago, there is something about the incredibly personal experience that Fenway brings to the crowd.

I often discuss with my clients how important it is to create a home not a house. Logically, we feel more comfortable in homes than sterile houses (like the White Socks stadium). In creating your HOME, I suggest you introduce historic memorabilia, personal touches that are meaningful and intentional, keep it organized and maintained, consider the importance of lighting and pay attention to detail. Fenway is a great example! Follow their lead, then sit back and enjoy the experience!

Wine, Beer & How to Love Your Dog and Your Home

Charlie on Sofa

In all honesty, I never let Charlie on the sofa. But… I know that she goes on there when we are not home. How? Well, whenever we walk on the beach, I think I wash her paws after but it is inevitable that there is sand on my sofa later in the day. Busted!

The truth is, we love our animals but they can be hard on our homes, especially if we haven’t planned to accommodate their needs. Where will their water and food bowls go? Where will their bed go? What system do you have for containing a wet/ dirty dog? How do your floors and rugs hold up to your dogs nails, hair and sleeping.

Please join us on Friday, August 28th from 5:30 – 7:30pm for wine, beer and a discussion on how to approach these challenges and still love your dog with enthusiasm.

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