Gus* Modern Lodge Chair on SALE!

adH_Gus Lodge Chair_Summer Sale

The Gus* Modern Lodge Chair is a contemporary club chair with playful, bent ply arms and a sculptural profile.  This unique design is available with fabric or top-grain leather upholstery to contrast a walnut-finished exterior frame.

– Fabric option: varsity charcoal (shown above)

– Leather option: chestnut brown

– Side panels are CNC precision cut, formed plywood panels finished in real Walnut wood veneer

– $1,250.00 (order before August 16th to receive 20% off!)

To view the brown leather option check out these photos on the Gus* Modern website.

Why Ferns are the PERECT Shade Plant


If you have a shady garden, do you have a fern living in there? If not, why? It is the PERFECT shady plant! With a wide variety of colors, sizes, textures and looks, I promise that there is the right match to blend and compliment your garden.

It only takes a short hike through the woods to find a fern. In this photo, you will see a plethora of fern growing in moss on top of a rock. This is a great way to show it’s natural habitat as well as the hardy resilience of this plant.

Ferns have been in existence for more than 300 million years and range in size from 1/16” to 12’ span. The Frond is the “leaf” or flowering part of the plant and vary greatly through species.

It is important to select the right kind of fern for your garden. HERE is an article that will help you in the process. Most important to remember, ferns are perennial plants so while the mature Ostrich Fern will fill a garden in the summer, it will be bare all winter long so they are not advised for foundation plantings. Cinnamon Fern has a lovely reddish color, smells of cinnamon, and makes a nice accent in a shady garden. Another nice fern is the Japanese beech fern, which you can read about by clicking here.

Graphically organic, I find this plant to be the source of inspiration and wonder. In it’s gentle beauty comes strength.

If you want to learn more about ferns, check out the American Fern Society website at

Can You Crawl Out Your Bedroom Window?

Egress Windows

Have you ever thought about crawling out your bedroom window? If you are beyond your teenage years, I doubt it.

According to International Building Code (IBC) egress windows are required for every bedroom. Egress windows are defined as windows that can be used as an exit or are large enough for a fireman with full gear to enter the structure in case of an emergency. The opening is 5.7 square feet. If you want to learn more about egress windows, click here. It’s a good thing and saves lives.

Older homes typically have smaller windows that do not comply with code. When we pull a building permit to do a renovation to bedrooms, we are required to update the windows to meet code. Part of my job is to make sure that the windows work well in the space both from the interior layout needs and exterior view.

I’ll admit, sometimes I find it frustrating because these are large windows and we are often tight on space but they are so very important to the function and safety of the home that we embrace the code as an interesting challenge.

I’m just verifying, do you have an egress window in your bedroom?

Gus* Modern James Sleeper Lounge on SALE!

adH_Gus James Sleeper Lounge_Summer Sale

The Gus* Modern James lounge is unique and versatile with removable back cushions, which allows the sofa to transform into a twin bed for overnight guests. The cushions attach securely to the stainless steel frame with hook-and-eye fasteners.

– Bumpers on the bottom of base to protect hardwood floors

– Available in Menswear Griffin (dark grey) and Laurentian Citrine (bright yellow) – visit the Shop to view the grey option (shown above)

– $1,850.00 order before August 16th to receive 20% off!

Check out Gus* Modern’s other sofa-bed online!

4th FRIDAY FORUM ~ “Creating Space with Light” – 07.24.15

How does lighting define space? People who know me, know that I love lighting. I find that lighting has the ability to be powerful and dance in the foreground or step back to compliment the space. The key is knowing when to use the right lighting, how and where.

Lighting resources are also interesting: online, big box store, lighting stores or boutique shops like amy dutton Home. To be honest, all are appropriate places to purchase lighting but in different spaces, different budgets and different focus. Again, the key is to know which is appropriate for your needs.

If you would like some personal assistance or just hear me speak broadly about lighting and how to create with light, join us for our monthly 4th Friday Forum on 07.24 from 5:30 – 7:30pm.

9 Walker Street, Kittery, ME 03904

(207) 703-0696

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