FINAL SALE at the Shop!


On Saturday, 12/03/16 form 10am – 4pm we will have our FINAL SALE DAY at the Shop in our Kittery location.

In the new year, we will be changing things around in the shop to bring a fresh new face to amy dutton Home.

Here is what is on SALE from 30-50% off…

-(2) round tables

-Our large cherry standing table / island


-Bed Linens





-Gifts – from candles, table linens, vases, Rica bath products and more!

Here is what is not on sale: upholstered furniture, artwork, artisan jewelry and pappelina rugs (and anything custom ordered).

Come in and say “Hi!” on Saturday, I look forward to seeing you!

Bed & Bath Products at amy dutton Home


Our Bed & Bath products are now on SALE at amy dutton Home!

Recently, I was in India meeting with the owners of Avasa, our amazing bedding line. Their showroom there is an artistic display of fabrics, textures and the talent of the Indian people with hand stitching and designs. I love the owners, the company and the quality! With a beautiful “hand” of quality cotton, I have queen and king sheet sets available in the shop on SALE for you to treat your holiday house guests to a gorgeous bed set!

RICA is sold at Anthropology at full price but we have it discounted 30-40% off. A great stocking stuffer or just treat yourself to a luxurious bath!

See you on Saturday for our FINAL SALE from 10am – 4pm (note: the Kittery Parade is at 3pm so come and enjoy!)

The Ocean Color Story


Do you love the ocean?

I do! I love it all year long. Yes, most certainly to cool off and play in the summer but also to appreciate the resounding power and beauty all year long. I find the ocean to have a rhythm of nature that calms my soul to its core. It is in this space that I find a place to design.

When looking at the waves, I have designed them both literally a in this lampshade fabric as well as graphically in the “Songo” line featured in this article. CLICK HERE to read my blog post on Songo

While the waves form a biomorphic shape that is organic and moving, the large, solid rocks typical of Maine beaches form a more graphic design element for me. I love the navy blue with the blue-grey beach rocks. Imagine your walls in the grey hues and the table linens in the navy with white. So beautiful!

Beyond the fabric design is the application. I have found that these fabrics in varying shades of blues and greens look beautiful in a window seat or as accents around the house. I have a very talented team that I work with to create such beautiful and functional spaces for your home. CLICK HERE to read my blog post on How to Create the Best Banquette!

While I find it inspiring and fun to design fabric, I also love designing how these fabrics can functionally work in your home. Let’s get together and chat about bringing the ocean into your space.

Blue Pottery


What is special about Jaipur Blue Pottery?

When I was in India, I couldn’t resist blue-potteryvisiting one of the famous Jaipur Blue Pottery manufacturing plants and store. And… I brought home some very specil finds just for you!

Jaipur Blue Pottery is created from mixing quartz stone powder, powdered glass, Multani Mitti (Fuller’s Earth), borax, gum and water. Glazed and fired at very low temperatures leaves the pottery fragile and best used as wall tile as well as decorative bowls and artwork. They are glazed with beautiful images of Indian designs, typically in a specific blue.








I was able to create a working relationship with these two gentlemen in which custom
ordering tile for my projects will only take about 4 weeks. These tiles are unique, original and handmade by artisans. Perfect for backsplash and bathroom walls, come in the shop and let me help you select the most perfect tile for you.

Small gifts of plates, bowls and pitchers have also arrived for your holiday home and gift-giving. Here is a link to the company that I have connections with, let me know if you want anything custom-ordered.

CLICK HERE for their website!

Most items in the shop are on sale as we prepare our homes for the holidays and buy gifts for loved ones and friends. Even these new items will be on sale so come in and feast your eyes on the beauty that I brought you from India.


How to Strategically Place Bathroom Windows


Windows in a bathroom are really important! Why?

  • They create light, feel and fresh air.
  • They must be balanced with privacy.

Because I live in downtown Portsmouth, I can sit at my kitchen island and see in 3 different bathroom windows. Honestly, it’s not good. My neighbors all laugh about it but it makes me very aware of the issue when designing.

CLICK HERE to read my blog post about downtown living and privacy


For the house featured in this image, it is located more in the country but still on a busy road and neighboring a UNH research farm. The better views are out the back of the house so the bathrooms ended up in the front of the house on the roadside. This is fine but we needed to be strategic about how to place the bathroom windows.

One hard and fast rule that I follow in design is the front window layout and how the windows relate to the overall Front Elevation. On the back of the house, I often depart from such strict rules and design more for function and interior layout. In this home, you can see that the small windows are over the secondary garage door and also in the stepped back addition. These are all aligned vertically as well as horizontally. In this blog the first floor front left two windows are both in the bathroom showing you again how important design layout is to the project.

CLICK HERE to read my blog post on this home!

From the interior, two windows ended up in the large shower that is 9’ x 4’ and hung at a height that assures privacy. The other window is over the toilet. Since this home has a new truss roof system, we were able to have a 13’-0” ceiling height. This allowed for windows to be installed above the sink mirrors. Not pictured here are three transom windows that align over the two vanities and a storage cabinet.

CLICK HERE for another creative way to consider a window with a sink

CLICK HERE for more information about Selecting the Right Window

Obviously, windows are an important design element but they are also very, very expensive and not something to make a mistake on.

If you need help with your windows, let me know!

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