Victoria Elbroch Makes an Appearance

Dancing With The Stars

I first met Victoria & Lawrence Elbroch at the League of New Hampshire Craftsman show while in vacation on Lake Sunapee. I spent about 40 minutes in their booth looking at every single piece that they brought. Then, I overheard her say to another customer that she lived in Kittery, Maine.

I also learned that they have done extensive traveling, specifically Myanmar (Berma). Since my daughter had recently returned from Myanmar, I wanted her to see the work and perhaps choose a piece for her room. So… we made a fieldtrip to the Elbroch’s Kittery home to look at their work closer (yes, we got a tour of their beautiful home!). Elle selected Transending – Larry’s artful combination of a photograph and etching.

I had admired the Tree series by Victoria. I love the detail of the tree canopy with the root system. Lucky me, I now have an entire wall of the series of Trees. These trees are joined by Incognito and Dancing With The Stars.

Please come by and support our local artist and celebrate their talent!

Newest Pillow Additions!

This weekend we were delivered a more than exciting package – new pillows! We love the simple statement that a good pillow can make and are always pleased to stock more in the shop. You can mix and match or keep it uniform and whatever your needs are, we have the pillows to help!

Our newest additions are featuring adH designs – florals and geometric – with muted tones for the master bedroom or living room and louder greens and blues for the kids room. They range in size from 14 inch round to 18×24 inches!

Come in to the shop soon and check out the new pillows. We look forward to seeing you in the shop and showing you our new products!

Do You Have a Pet Succulent?

Did you know that a pet succulent could fill the role of a pet? Haley (who worked for us this summer and is currently studying at Colgate University) must have caught the “Interiors Bug” because she sent me this article.

There is no argument – plants add oxygen and life to any room. Moreover, we enjoy succulents and air plants at the shop. There is something so simple, basic and sustainable of these plants. Yes, you do have to water them and care for them but they will love you back – just like a pet.

You can even propagate your succulents. Jade plants are the most simple to propagate and it is definitely possible for anyone to do it. Believe it or not, a lot of the terrariums that we sell are from propagated succulents.

If you are looking for a simple, sweet succulent to love – come by the shop, we have plenty ready for you!

COLOR CLASS 101 – THIS Wednesday 09.30.15

Do you need to paint a room in your house or the exterior of your home? Join us on Wednesday 09.30.15 @ 5:30pm to 7pm. This FREE class will be very personable experience.

What to bring:

  • Colors that you are considering.
  • Colors / materials that are already in the space.
  • Anything that you think I should see of interest.

Remember, colors should relate to each other. If you have defined colors in adjoining rooms, bring those too. If you would like to paint the exterior of your house, please take note of your neighbor’s houses.

RSVP: Kate@amyduttonhome and reserve your free spot in the class!

Remember Your Banana Seat?

Bike Bag @

Have you ever sat on a banana seat?

Well, if you haven’t…you are certainly younger than 50! And yes, I’m here to tell you that you have missed out!

A banana seat comfortably sat 2 people (3 kids). Yes, typically a single speed with foot breaks and scooped handlebars – uber cool (except those words didn’t exist).  I love, loved my bike when I was 9, it was bright blue and had a banana seat that had pink, purple and yellow groovy flowers.

When we were at the gift show in NYC this August, it was clear that many vendors were tugging at our fond childhood memories. I find it interesting that my childhood is now “Retro” and that houses that are 50 years and older are considered “Historic”. (Whatever!)

This bike bag is convenient, high quality but also very groovy!

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